All about Aboriginal Inventions is a one of a kind learning kit filled with numerous hands on activities. It includes:

                1)  Twenty number cards that illustrate and describe Aboriginal inventions. Two sets of these cards are invcluded.

                2)  Twenty written numeral cards, with each card being a puzzle piece of a Dream Catcher. 

                3) Mathematical equation signs (+,-,*,/,<,>) that can be used with the number cards as mathematical manipulatives. 

                                                                    4) Three model activities on Aboriginal inventions (Students can make a tipi, a canoe and birch bark basket)

                                                                    5) A large 17x22 map of Canada that can be colored and later used as the game board, for the game, "Rivers and Rails".

                                                                         This simple, yet fun game is based on the "Snakes and Ladders" concept.  Rivers and Rails allows students to learn about Canada,

                                                                         its provinces, territories and capital cities. The game highlights the multiple Aboriginal inventions, and it reinforces numerals one through twenty.

                                                                    6) Activity ideas for mathematics, social studies, language arts, and cognitive skills.